5 Months at Sea

avatarHello everyone!

I just wanted to say that I will be leaving tomorrow evening… for Brazil! I will be spending 5 months aboard the Vinland as part of an internship for my ship related classes (you can visit MarineTraffic for more info about the ship). As you might have guessed, I will not be posting as often as I have lately. I will probably have plenty of free time to draw all sorts of drawings in my sketchbook while I’m there, so there will be plenty of posts when I come back.

For this post, I wanted to draw the Vinland with a special perspective but since I was immensely stressed out by last minute things to deal with, I didn’t really feel like drawing. So instead, here is an old drawing from back when I had an account on GaiaOnline and drew my avatar. This was before I thought my signature was too long and complicated…

Materials for paper sketch: pencil and pigment liner (Maybe?…)

Color: Photoshop (Unknown version)


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