Old Deviantart Account


A few years ago, I made a Deviantart account (Vampire-Lyly)… with an old Hotmail account I haven’t used in about 1,000 years (okay, maybe more like 6-7 years) because I switched to Gmail. I haven’t connected to the Deviantart in a while too so, naturally, I forgot the password. Oh well. It’s there. At least I only like 2-3 art pieces in there and I still have their paper versions anyway.

Looking at the stuff on there is kinda funny. The art style is all over the place (not that I changed much on that front). Even my signature wasn’t constant but I can see my current one is pretty similar to some of them.

About the drawing above, I wanted to make a clay figurine of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill and made a drawing for the front and back view. And guess what? I never even started the clay project. I start a lot of projects and never finish them, typical of me.


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